23-24-25 August

Gateway to sports imaging

MSS 2019.

7th National Conference of


Society of India

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Auditorium, Pune, India

You get an opportunity to read a oral paper or present a E-poster at the conference. Make the most of it.  The theme of the papers and posters should be MSK Imaging, topics can be on radiography, MSK Ultrasound, CT, MRI or Nuclear Medicine Studies. 


In addition there are Oration Presentations, these are particularly for Conventional Radiology. If you send us a paper on conventional imaging you default will be considered for the  Late Professor Virendra Mohan Oration Presentation. 


Rest of the papers will be classified as noncompetitive presentations.


Presentations which shake the foundations of MSK Imaging, presentations which teach and enhance our knowledge, presentations which are a wake up call and which pound the alarm will be deeply acknowledged and given a podium space. 



Come on show some mettle.









  • Theme: Conventional Skeletal Radiology.

  • Papers on conventional skeletal radiology correlating with cross sectional imaging shall also be accepted. 

  • Abstracts may be submitted till  30th July 2019

  • Presenting author can be Postgraduate resident in radiology or within 3 years post qualification.

  • Abstracts shall be accepted from registered student delegates only.

  • No changes in abstract authorship or contents shall be allowed after final submission.

  • Abstracts should be submitted to mss2019pune@gmail.com

  • Three best papers shall be selected for oral presentation. Acceptance shall be notified after 30th July 2019 in the website.

  • The decisions and selection of papers for oral presentation made by the scientific committee shall be final. 

  • Abstracts should not be more than 250 words ( excluding the title, author list and institution)

  • All abstracts should be typed in Times new roman (Font size 14). 

  • Abstracts should include sections on 

    • Title, author list and institution details should be typed on top of the abstract content. 

    • Objectives, 

    • Materials and methods,

    • Observations

    • Conclusion 


Competitive and Noncompetitive

  • A structured abstract is required for e-poster presentation and should be organized into the following sections:

  • Title, Author list and Institution (Maximum of 6 authors including the presenting author who contributed directly to the work. Full address of the institution must be provided).

  • Aim

  • Materials and Methods 

  • Results

  • Conclusion

  • Word Limit: 250 (excluding the details of authors, institutions and the title of the abstract).

  • Font: Times New Roman

  • Font Size: 12 

  • In general, original research, important new observations, case series, and other presentations that represent substantial work with demonstrable results are appropriate for scientific presentations. Please ensure that your abstract is properly structured with correct spellings and grammar. 

  • Submissions that are not in the prescribed format will not be entertained. 

  • No changes in the abstract contents and the authorship will be allowed after the final submission.

  • If you wish to withdraw your abstract after final date, you must inform by e-mail. 

  • The acceptance of abstract E poster will be informed by mail individually and will also be notified in the website by 5th August 2019. 

  • Only registered delegates are allowed to submit E-Posters.

  • Selected PPT. OF E - POSTERS can be mailed to mss2019pune@gmail.com between 6th August to 15th August 2019  (MAXIMUM OF 20 SLIDES / 20 MB). Please mark E-POSTER in the subject column.

  • All MS Power point versions up to 2010 will be accepted. File size should not exceed 20MB / 20 Slides. 

  • The e-posters will be auto played in loops on multiple viewing stations at the conference venue.

  • Isolated single cases will be given less priority, unless they are extremely rare or of exceptional teaching value.

  • In case of any queries please contact : mss2019pune@gmail.com